Cruel doctors of Pondicherry
Javaharlal Institute of Post-graduate medical Education and Research – A blunder by doctors of this institute.

“Miscarriage due to negligence of JIPMER doctors.”

Subject: Miscarriage due to negligence of JIPMER doctors.
I am periyasamy writing to complain about your doctors whose negligence has caused the miscarriage of my sister in the 8th month. The details of the happenings are described below:

My sister was brought to JIPMER casualty on the 28th Jan at 11am.There after the duty doctors shifted her to the maternity ward only at 12.45 in spite of us repeatedly trying to explain to the duty doctors that this was an emergency as she was complaining of abdominal pain and was not in labour. We also tried to explain to the doctor of her medical history wherein she had had two ectopic pregnancies earlier and also there was a hole in the uterus. The doctors overlooked our explanations, turned a deaf ear to our issue and made her wait in the labour room for almost 3 hours(From 12.45pm- 3.30pm). As if to say that was not enough, they also asked us to wait for the next day as they thought she had a urinary infection and the doctor dealing with her kind of an ailment was not available at that moment.

Mind you, until then not even a single preliminary test was done , neither a scan was taken, we had also provided all the previous medical reports to the doctors for their reference and action but all in vain as they did not even have a look at the reports.

Once she came out at 3.30pm, no medical help or aid was given to her till 5.20pm and she finally fainted in the corridor.

Dr.Sujindra (SROG) & Dr.Battu having witnessed her faint, expected her to walk to their office if she needed to be checked up.

Finally, our family doctor from cuddalore called the doctors in charge at 5.20pm, and then she was taken in for a scan.

Today, I am deeply saddened by this situation and we lost the little baby who could have had a life. There after my wife had to be operated, and was kept in CCU for four days.

The sheer irresponsibility of the doctors and absolute non cooperation from the doctors has done an irreparable and irrevocable loss to us, which we will never be able to forgive nor forget.

The question here is who will take the responsibility of this negligence? The hospital, the doctors or we, who took the wrong decision to seek medical help at India’s so called renowned government hospital.

WE have lost the light of our family.

I hope I have been able to enlighten you on the carelessness of the doctors and the institution. They are the cause of not just this loss but many others.

I am a citizen of democratic India and I demand a justification from the institution along with compensation.

Please note I will escalate this issue until I get a fair response to my issue.

If the government of this country and in particular Pondicherry cannot offer us good medical help so be it, but it is irresponsible from the government to make the citizens feel that they are providing us good health care and support.

This is nothing but a fallacy a myth.

I would appreciate you appropriate if you look into this matter and follow up with the appropriate action needed to be taken.

Thank you.


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