Not Rashmi bansal. Its Rashmi Desai now..!

Rashmi Desai has recently completed B.E in Electrical &Electronics. She is about to join a private company. Writing and dancing are her passions.

She has the art of writing. Here is her short story, really heart touching.

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We are sometimes our own enemies without realizing it. It is time to look at ourselves honestly when we are finding it difficult to get on with people, when we are generally disliked or when that particular person does not trust us.
Most of us have that one person in our life with whom we share all our secrets. That one person helps us see the brighter side of problems. They can even make the sun shine on rainy days. They share our little triumphs and are a source of our inspiration. That person in our life is a person who is an encourager, a listener and a person who really cares.
All of us know that special person in our life. This person may be our mother, father, wife, husband, sister, brother, lover or our friend. Whoever the person is we should keep them happy because they are the best people we have. They help us take the best decisions of our life. Most of the times, they prevent us from going on the wrong path. We never realize that they help us even when we have not asked for. 
We know we are wrong and we are going on the wrong path when we start hiding our secrets from this special person. It’s not that we do not want to share our secrets or feelings, but it is because we are too scared of the guilty feeling that we have. By avoiding such person can we come out of the guilt feeling? No! In fact never! Our inner conscience keeps constantly reminding us and that is the time when we need to ask our self to come out of the wrong path. Mistakes teach us a good lesson, but few mistakes turn out to be the big mistakes of our life that we can neither correct it nor can we ask for someone’s help. In the meanwhile, we will have lost that special person in our life.
Here is a story of Ramanand and his special person. Ramanand was a tall man with a French beard and medium looks. He was waiting at the bus stand. It was a sunny day and his face was sunburned. His eyes narrowed to note down the exact time. The time by his watch was five minutes to five. His heart was pounding. His hearts beats were increasing. He was helpless and could not control it.
In few minutes, he would see the woman who had filled such a special place in his life for the past 15 years. This woman was his wife. He was meeting her probably after 6 months she left his house. But why did she leave his home?
Ramanand believed in enjoying life. He always said “If we keep thinking of our future, we cannot enjoy our present”. Was he wrong? He was very hardworking, caring and affectionate. He was married to Kalpana who was the daughter of a retired bank employee. Both loved each other and could do anything for each other. They were blessed with two children “Kshitiz” and “Arohi”. Like all families they too had problems but strived hard to make their family a happy family.
One day Ramanand came home and scream “Kalpana….Kalpana…where are you?” she came out wiping her hands and gave him a smile and said “What is the matter?” He was very happy and asked her to sit beside him and told her that they had won a lottery of Rs. 50000/- . She was overwhelmed with joy and thanked god. She looked at her husband and said “Deposit the amount in our savings bank account”. He said “Don’t be silly, lets buy something.” She said “Fine” and asked him “What to buy?”
He smiled and said “We will buy new clothes for our children, cycle for Kshitiz and Barbie dolls for our Barbie Arohi”. He stopped when he saw Arohi at the door. He welcomed her with a hug and a kiss and asked “what do you want? I shall buy everything that you say”. Kalpana seemed to be a little disturbed by his words. She knew that they did not have much in their savings and this money had to be saved. But when she saw that smile on Arohi’s face she could not stop Ramanand.
Later that night when her kids had gone to sleep she thought of speaking to her husband. She told “I know that you want to buy the world’s best gifts for your children, every father would want to do the same but you should know your limitations. We do not have enough savings and we have to plan our children’s education” while she continued she again looked up and saw that Ramanand had already fallen asleep. She switched off all the lights and went to sleep.
The next day Kshitiz saw a housing advertisement in the leaflet and showed it to his father and said “Daddy, I want a house like that”. Kalpana was in the kitchen and could only hear his words. She laughed and said “When you grow up my son, you shall buy that house”. Ramanand said to his son “You want this house right? I will buy that for you”. Kalpana got angry and said “Don’t make false promises to your children”.
Ramanand felt defeated in front of his 11 years old son. He said to his wife” I am not making fake promises. When I say it, I mean it”. Kalpana took a deep breath and said “That flat you are talking of costs around 10 lakhs, we cannot afford it. You own a garage which does not run well. We can meet our daily needs only because of our tailoring”.
Ramanand was deeply hurt. He got up from his chair and walked out. Kalpana thought he will be fine after sometime but she did not realize what was going in her husband’s mind.
Ramanand applied for an easy housing loan by pledging his garage which was their only asset. His loan got sanctioned and when he got the keys of the flat he decided to tell his wife. Kalpana was busy in her work. She was tired. Her eyes had gone red. Indeed she had a stressful day. Ramanand walked towards her and showed the keys to her and said “This is it! What did you say to me the other day? Don’t make fake promises. But now I have the house keys in my hand. When I say it, I do it. Tell me when shall we shift to our new house?”
Kalpana was surprised and shocked. She did not know what to say and how to react. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. Ramanand was not expecting this type o reaction. He hold her hand and asked “Are you not happy? I did all this only for you, Kshitiz and Arohi”. Kalpana could not utter a single word. She sat starring at the walls and later said “what can I say now? You’ve done it”
She had lost the trust in him. After a week they shifted to their new house. With the new house came new problems. Ramanand thought his family would be happier than before but he was wrong. Monthly installments, school fees, auto charges, electric bills, telephone bills, water bills, house maintenance charges etc. there monthly income was in the range of Rs.15,000- Rs.20,000. They could not arrange the difference amount.
This destroyed the peace at home. Ramanand would either be upset, disturbed or frustrated. Kalpana tried hard to get him out of this state of mind. But she did not succeed. She tried to cut down all the expenses, worked for long hours even then she could not manage. The little amount of money which they had saved had also gone. Kalpana in spite of being hurt by her husband several times did not want to hurt him. She finally decided to sell the house but Ramanand did not agree to this. He said “It is insulting to go back to the old house. What will people say? Arohi and Kshitiz will be hurt” Kalpana- “People speak all kinds of stuff. You don’t have to bother. I will convince my kids”.
Ramanand raised his voice and said “Do what you want. The thing is you don’t want to take risk, face problems. You are running away”.
Kalpana exclaimed- “I am not running away, you are running away”.
Ramanand- “When will you enjoy life if not now? It’s the time to do something for our kids. It’s the time we enjoy before we get old”
Kalpana- “Are you in your senses? Can you promise your children a bright future? Don’t try to build castles in the air”.
Ramanand- “Kalpana! You don’t trust me anymore. You don’t love me anymore” and collapsed on the floor.
Kalpana burst into tears. She sat beside him and said “I feel bad about you. Pity your condition. I want to trust you but I am not able to do that. Every time I do, you make all my attempts go in vain. I am not able to love you like before”.
Ramanand was thunderstruck. He felt as though he was all alone.
Kalpana continued “I want you to become a successful person and a good father”.
There was silence for some time. Finally Kalpana wiped her tears, stood up and said “All these days I stood by you because I loved you. But now I realize that I am not only your wife but also the mother of two kids. I have to look after them. If I stay here I cannot be strong. I have to leave this house”.
She was truly hurt because she knew she was hurting him. She began to pack her bags to leave the house with her two kids. She was thinking of the past when she was abruptly pulled back into the present. Ramanand pleaded to her to stay back.
Kalpana asked him for the last time if he was ready to sell his house.
Ramanand- “I promise you a better future. I will work hard”.
After a long while, Kalpana said “so you have decided to overlook my request? Don’t get my children into trouble. I know you will work hard. But that is possible only when you find some work. It’s not easy for me to leave you like this, but I have to do it”.
She left the house with her two kids’ to her father’s place.
Ramanand heaved a sigh and sat motionless. Everything seemed to be whirling around him. His heart shuddered. His mind turned to taking account of how many times he had hurt his wife. He began to miss his wife terribly. He decided to sell his house and go back to his old house which was small but a much happier place to live in. Kalpana also longed to see Ramanand. Her kids cried to see their father. Finally she decided to go back. She gave a call to her husband and told him that she would be returning that day at 5 p.m. Ramanand went to the bus stand at 4 p.m. it was getting tougher and tougher for him. He imagined the face of Kalpana and his kids which renewed the strength in him.
It was now 2 minutes to 5 p.m. and the final countdown had begun. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,and 1. He could hear his children screaming “Daddy, Daddy”. Behind them was his wife. Though he was relieved he was scared to face his wife. Kalpana’s face broadened with a smile and said “let’s go home”.